About Us

In 2014 3 engineer friends had a dream. They dreamt of building an e-bike designed especially for commuting, with best-in-class components that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. In a year Alba E-bikes was founded and their first model was rolled out. Alba products are designed and assembled by Alba engineers in Turkey with state-of-the-art technology and engineering. Alba became a great success even in a city like Istanbul which is built on seven hills. R&D was and still is their highest priority. Their aim is to bring together the top components to build the best-performing bikes at a reasonable price point.

Alba Fold X and Alba Fold 2 are both designed especially for easier and quicker commutes and they have become quite the sensation in Turkey and in Europe.

Nilufer and Burak Atalay, Londoners since 2000, have invested in Alba Turkey and launched Albax Bikes Limited in the UK, a market with significant potential for growth in e-micro mobility. Albax Bikes Ltd is proud to introduce Alba e-bikes and scooters to the UK market. Alba products are fully EU and UKCA certified.

"We were truly impressed with the knowledge and the capability of the Alba team and believe there is a strong place for these high-quality products in the growing UK e-bike market." Burak Atalay

"In addition to our existing product range, we are particularly excited about offering customised corporate solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. What we do is more than offering off-the-shelf products, it is about developing the right technology in partnership with our business clients." Nilufer Atalay